Weather or Climate...What's the Difference?

Climate refers to climatic changes over longer time periods, often 30 years or more, as opposed to weather, which refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere.


Climate refers to atmospheric changes over a longer time whereas weather refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere, such as this lightning storm at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.


Weather is the collective name for the momentary properties of the lower atmosphere, including precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, and atmospheric pressure. The weather could be bright, overcast, wet, foggy, chilly, hot, windy, stormy, or snowy. the list is endless.


Reduce your waste


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The amount of trash we generate personally on a daily and annual basis is staggering. Whenever possible, bring your own utensils and bags.

Buy in bulk


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Not only is it cheaper to buy in bulk, you reduce the amount of product packaging going into landfills.

Reduce food waste

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Reducing food waste and composting are great ways to offset your footprint. Find a community compost station near you.

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